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Expert Services

New Project


Independent Automation can provide a turn key solution from the design stage right through to commissioning. We offer design, engineering, installation, project management, commissioning and service solutions as required on a project by project basis.



We are thorough in our maintenance in order to always keep your systems up and running. And it's not just our own  systems; we can  maintain most brands and models of equipment. Whether they be products that are open protocol, proprietary or third party.

Systems Integration


If you already have an existing BAS we can easily upgrade it to have improved energy management, web access to the system and even provide open solutions to proprietary systems. All without removing the existing hardware.

Retro Fit


We can also completely upgrade your current BAS so you have the latest equipment but keep the existing wires intact for cost efficiency.



A BAS can easily be added to with more equipment for greater control over larger areas and provide maximum efficiency.

Call Out


Our team is happy to help out when in need! Contact us on:


(03) 9888 8660


How Independent Automation Achieves 4.5 NABERS....


The World Trade Centre and Vantage Property Investments came to Independent Automation with NABERS rating of 1 star. Through clever engineering, open protocols and modern technology, Independent Automation was able to raise the NABERS rating to 4.5 stars.



Not only hardware but also software....

Independent Automation is thorough; we are not only looking to install the most recent technology but also using and developing custom software in order to make your environment as green and efficient as possible.


We even created our own software called MARS or the Maintenance Alert Reporting System.


The MARS system runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will detect a maintenance alert as soon as it happens, not just when that part of the system is manually checked (which may be 12 months between checks). This saves money by reducing maintenance time and operational costs by finding opportunities to reduce energy consumptions.


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