Services We Provide:

New Projects

These projects are new building (Wet Cement) with a new Building Automation System (BAS) installation.

Independent Automation can provide a Turn Key solution from the design stage right through to commissioning. We offer Design, Engineering, Installation, Project Management, Commissioning and Service Solutions as required on a project by project basis.

Systems Integration

Integration to an existing Building Automation System (BAS) installation, whilst the building is occupied.

We can integrate to an existing BAS. This is usually done to reduce the disruption to the buildings occupants and reduce the initial cost of the project by reusing the existing field devices and controls. Integration can provide upgrades for improved energy management (NABERS), web access to the system and provide open solutions for proprietary systems.

Retro Fit Projects

The upgrade of an existing Building Automation System (BAS) installation, this can be done whilst the building is occupied.

Additions to existing projects

With our experience in many different systems we can add to the existing BAS. This is usually done for small additions to an existing large system. The benefit of this is to enhance an existing system as it is cost effective and enables ongoing support.

Maintenance of System

Our maintenance team have experience in servicing and maintaining BAS, whether it be simply backing up your system, calibrating sensors or replacing a faulty controller, our team is available to help.

Call Out

Our dedicated Service Team of specialised technicians, can provide a prompt response when you need it most. All of our technicians have extensive experience in DDC products. They are experts in all of our products and are trained in many different proprietary systems.